Received a claim from Enfinity?

We have a contractual obligation to protect our content partners' videos

Your video was claimed by Enfinity automatically through our Content ID platform. The only reason this could happen is because you used content in your video that belongs to one of our clients.

What next? You can ignore the claim and it will not affect your video or channel in any negative way. We will simply continue to collect ad-revenue from the video and pay the rightful copyright owner automatically each month.

It is heavily advised that you do not dispute a copyright claim if you do not have a valid license (in the form of legal writing) from our client, otherwise you may receive a copyright strike and channel-level penalizations. We are a process-driven company, and we ask that you use the form below to fill out as much information as possible proving that the claim should be released.

If you are interested in legitimately distributing our library of content in exchange for a revenue-share, then visit our Content Distribution Partnerships page.

If you received a claim from Enfinity that you believe was made in error, please contact us and we'll re-review the claim right away.